Trade Policies

Looking to get something in return for your gently used items?
Want instant gratification?
Trade is everyone’s favorite!
We offer trade for store credit all year long, on all season items and vintage items.
We take all sizes, including plus and petite. Just bring in your freshly clean clothing and accessories on any appointment day.
We’ll choose the best and give you an instant store coupon for 33%-40% of the value. Shop and spend it that day, or bring it back your coupon to shop any time within 1 year.

We look for quality items in excellent or unworn condition. All items must be freshly clean and free of any flaws or stains (not even a missing button.) We look for higher quality items that are currently in style, from brands that are harder to find in our area. We don’t take mass market or discount store brands, or most mall store brands. There are exceptions, so the best thing to do is visit the store and get a sense of our style, and ask lots of questions. When in doubt, bring it anyway.

We also take some gently used vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories that were purchased 25 years ago or more. The same condition requirements apply as with new clothing.

To get an idea of the kind of items we take, check our What We Love page.



For more information about specific items we may or may not take, please check our What We Love page.

Estate Buying

While we do not offer cash for walk-ins, we do buy out personal items from estates, and are able to visit your site if you have more than a car can carry. Visit our Estates page, or call for more information.