Why Resale?

It’s time to SHOP!

When it’s time for a wardrobe makeover, there’s no better place to shop and get better value for your dollar than a consignment store. We offer new and gently used clothing and accessories that are current, classic, sometimes trendy, but always in good condition and priced well below what you’d pay at retail.

Why shop second-hand?

1. Value. If you’re looking for brand name and designer clothing, or just something classic and well made, you’ll definitely find it at a consignment shop for a much better price. You can find amazing deals on top quality clothing, even on a small budget.

2. Uniqueness. Tired of rack and racks of the same clothing at the malls? The current uber-trends don’t look good on your frame? At a quality resale shop we hand-pick every item based upon quality and style not limited to the ever-changing trends of the retail world. We can span several seasons and a few years, featuring the most enduring styles without so much concern over what the so-called style gurus think we all ought to be wearing.

3. Uniqueness, again. What all this means is that you can pick, choose, and discover a whole new way of dressing that highlights your personal style. You’ll find items from designers you wouldn’t normally consider, and small boutique labels you may never have heard of. Which means you’re more free to find what really works for you and not be forced to look like everyone else!

4. Recycling. Face it, the apparel industry is incredibly wasteful. When you shop second hand at a local consignment store you’re buying from your neighbors and giving new life to under-appreciated items without the waste of the mass market.

It’s shopping with a conscience.

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